Golden Ticket

Ditch the wrapping paper...

When participating in the Aigner Chocolates Golden Ticket Fundraiser, your organization receives 20% of all sales (excluding taxes) generated by selling our delicious treats for the duration of the fundraiser. We host fundraisers with schools, PTAs, non profits, organizations and corporations. 

The Golden Ticket Fundraiser generates excitement and engagement around your fundraising efforts! Our fundraisers last 5-7 days (from Monday to Friday/Sunday) and there is one Golden Ticket winner per day. Aigners provides 1 Golden Ticket Winning Prize for each fundraiser (a $50 Aigner gift card) and the organization is responsible for providing the remaining prizes. The 20% fundraising not only applies to the Golden Ticket Bars but is included in the entire value of the purchase. Golden Ticket Bars are available in-store only and all website sales will be included in the fundraiser.

Contact us at [email protected] for more information on how to launch a successful fundraising campaign.